December 29, 2013

naked fukushima

Note of the book "naked fukushima" by yoshimitsu takuki, borrowed at library.

- I read many books about the disaster of fukushima nuclear power plant and many are about nuclear plant or goverment's  correspondence, so this is intersting because he live in fukushima and write his experience.
-Link: amazonblog

1. what had really happend at "1F"
 - from the report of TEPCO, after explosion of plant No.1, they gather the car's battely to open vent of plant No.3 and opened it.

2. Real things that people don't want to admit about radioactive contamination
-He checked the nuclea contamination date by watching australia weather association or norway weather association because japanese date of SPEED was not available.
 -nuclear power safety research group: result around Iidate village
  people of Iidate village first knew from this report that this village was in danger situation.
- A member of japan weather association published a report in 18 May, 2011 saying not to examine and not publish the result.
- internal exposure is more important issue than external exposure and it is impossible to detect beta and alpha ray even using whole-body-counter equipment.(児玉龍彦,福島昭治)
- Information that Radiation level at around 1950 is higher than level of now is not correct
- mental stress to be moved to another place forcibly is more sever than physical health problem, because many old aged acquaintances got sick at another places.

3. Starting "fukushima naked operation"
- fukushima prefecture requested to the central government that area around 20 km from nuclear facility should be prohibited area.
-people living at fukushima and do food relation job lost their hope because their sense of value were to love their soil, forest, water. But people outside fukushima didn't understand their heart.
- tendency to relying upon nuclear business has become stronger than that before.

4. Human relationship at kawauchi village (which is called miracle village)
-story of baku-genjin village.
-story about dog&cat preservation

5. Naked fukushima
-hamaoka nuclear plant had already broken before it stopped.
-decontamination business
-wind electric power plant stopped after 3.11 due to the luck of electricity.
-if nucleur reproduction fucility at rokkasyo village begin to work, it is over.
-it costs 55 milion yen per day to maintain monju which is stopping now.
-eco-town,smart city, such government buyback program is same as system of nuclear policy. Money should not be used for business which is not establied as business.
-he insisted 3 point.
 one is to give up the plan of nuclear fuel cycle,
 two is to separate power generation and power transmission business,
 third is to stop the nuclear plant with priority and decommisioning nuclear reactor.

December 21, 2013

about internet and books

There are so many things existed in internet, same as books. And I thought before that there were few good articles existed in internet compared with books, but recently I'm changing my mind.

Of course, there are so many junky things existed in internet world, but sometimes there are very very talented person existed. And when I find such brilliant things, that makes me feel excited.

Thinking such things, I often rember when I was a student.

When I was a highschool student at shizuoka highschool, some students were very talented & unique so I was deeply moved by them.
Compared with tokyo and osaka, there are no special private highschool at shizuoka, so top students go to public school like shizuoka highschool, so there are variety of people existed at this school and top level of students are very very talented so when I entered university, I felt a little sad because top level seemed to be lower compared with shizuoka highschool..

For example, one of my friend I.Y. was called "vector" by highschool classmate because he lectured about mathmatical things like vector at math class. He was unique like this.
-prograph is revolutinary because it is date-flow type, object oriented, visual language
-RPN (reverse polish notation) is good because it doesn't need "( )" and faithful for thinking order.

He majored in physics at University of Tokyo but he was absorbed in computer and internet (at that time around 1985-1900 was the time when internet access had begun using telephon modem) and he made some unique software for using nifty forum. And at the sametime, he got the first IPA genius prize and made software company. I often went to his apartment house and talked until early morning when I was a college student.

The reason why I write such things is that it is very hard for me to meet such people throuout my working (of course, there aren't such people existed, but seldom).
But throughout books or internet, I can keep in touch with such a talented person and I think that it is the revolutionary things, because we can experience such things anywhere, anytime, with almost free !

And also think that meaning of school is to meet such person in real circumstance.

November 4, 2013


Reading today's nikkei newspaper, it says about JMOOC: This article says that
-it is done by japanese
-He (this article's author: jmooc's head) want users to power up their value to utilize it
-He hope many university'll provide many lectures

I think it is nonsense. I use itune-university and three moocs(cousera, edX,udacity) + khan, and it is very fantasitic ! I use them simply because they are very intersting to me, not for power up my capability or for my promotion. Mind your business !

Reading this artcile, I'm wondering about what is university now. Nowadays, we can learn many things from internet for free and it is revolutionary. So are there still something attracting things in japanese university?
I simply chose TIT because I like electronics, math & scinece and this college attract me very much(cheap tuition fee is one reason: I'm not sure but maybe 1000 $ per year and second reason is easiness to enter. I'm now sure now but when it was 30 years ago, if he is good at math & phisics, he can enter and I'm good at this two course because they are like hobby for me, very fun. I don't like studying for enterance exam, it is waste of time for me). But if I choose nowadays, maybe I choose universtiy abroad or go to japanese university for 4 years and get scholarship and go to master class abroad.
If my son wanted to go to university abroad, I want him to go.

As bill gates said 3 years ago, if he want to learn, he can learn anywhere and now revolution of mooc run faster than he predictedm, except japan.

October 13, 2013

shisendou, kyoto

We went to shisendou, kyoto at 29 Sep.

We started from hirakata by car at about 11:40 and arrived ichijo-ji about 1:20.
At first, we ate lunch at "takayasu", famous noodle shop which my wife found by internet.
It was 1:30 but the shop was crowded so we waited about 20 min (including waiting for parking lot of this shop).

This shop's interior was very unique considering noodle shop.

It got best noodle award.

The volume was big so our total cost was about 1600 yen, cheap and delicious.

After eating, there were waiting peoples.

Then parked our car (we found cheap parking lot 700 yen per day) and started walking to shisendou temple.

This was a enterance of shisendou, cost 500 yen per adult.

Picture was inhibited inside this house but we could take pictures outside this house.

There are "hachidai shrine" next to shisen-dou.

At this shrine, movie might be taken

There are ichijo-ji fudousan.

This is a monument where musashi miyamoto (famous samurai) was fighting.

Around ichijo-ji station, it was good atmosphere and we went to keibunsha book store.

Around ichijo-ji station, there are good temples so it takes a few days to watch them !

September 22, 2013

Autumn vegitable

Hot summer season has gone and good season for grow vegetables has come. Yesterday, I bought seeds and seedlings.
September is very good season to seed because comparing early summer time, there are a little warms so we can easly grow vegetables with leaves, so I bought
1) cabbage *
2) broccoli *
3) cauliflower *
4) spinach(ホウレンソウ)
5) komatsuna
6) field pea(莢豌豆)
7) Japanese radish
8) onion
 ( *: which I bought seedling)

As far as my last year's experience, bok choy(青梗菜) and No.2,5,6,7 is good.
I usually plant onion seedling at november, but I found onion seeds so I'll try to seed them.

Today, I plow the field about 2 hours and I got blisters on my hands !

It is also good season for eggplants ( in japan, autumn eggplant is synonymous with autumn delicious foods ). To get good autumn eggplant is to cut branchs at summer time.

This is flowers of leeks(ニラ), it is similar with onion head. I sow them for the first time this season because I seeds them last year and this is a second season.
From this article, we can eat bud, bud also said that if it flower, it'll die or leaf will not grow, so it might be a little late to cut bud !

August 15, 2013

summer trip to shizuoka, Mt Fuji, etc

We went back to my hometown shizuoka-city from 9 Fri. to 11 Sun.
Before starting, I had a kidney stone and had a very hard ache from 5 to 8 night (at 9 morning, the kidney stone went out of my body), so we went back by shinkansen bullet train. My son liked it very much because it was the first time to ride this train for him.

After arriving at shizuoka, my father and mother and my two cousins welcomed us at shizuoka-station, then ate lunch at shoan which my wife liked very much. I like kakiage-don which contained much pinkish shrimps Kakiage(tempura) but this day I orderd maguro-don(tsuna-don).
At this shop, there were oden which was popular at shizuoka-city and I liked it very much, so I orderd them.

Next day, we went to "mizube no rakkou" at ushizuma, where we went last summer. This place was opend at summer time and my son liked it very much. It also costed zero yen !

After that, we went to fujinomiya-city to watch shiraito falls and Mt. Fuji. We can arrive there about 1 hour but this day, there happened a traffic accident so we arrived there at 2 pm (took 2 hour).
At first, we went omiya-yokocho which is located in front of fujinomiya shrine and fujinomiya is recently famous for fuhinomiya-yakisoba (fried noodles) because it got 1st prize of cheap food grand prix. It used much pork back fat and it tated very good !

Afterthat, we went to shiraito falls. This place is under construction, so we saw it from a little far place.

Normally, we can see very big Mt.Fuji from there but at summer season, there often are mist over Mt.Fuji, so at that thime, we couldn't see it !

from nishi usuzuka park, the foot of Mt.Fuji.

And next day, we bought gifts at nozakura wasabi shop as usual.
it looks like very tiny house, but this is very famous shop for wasabi and the head office! Shisuoka is famous for wasabi and maybe this shop is No.1 shop, I think.

Like this, our 3 days trip was over.

July 24, 2013

Iga ueno city, Ninja museum

We went to Iga-ueno city to see Ninja show. Recently, my son likes ninja, and he practice how to make syuriken by origami-paper at kindergarden and Iga-ueno is the place where I wanted to go, so we went there at 21 July.

It was about 1.5 hour by car and we arrived there about 1 p.m. and ate lunch at okonomiyaki shop "Ito".

This shop is like normal house, and we make okonomiyaki by ourself and we order big size okonomiyaki and big size yakisoba and cost 1230 yen ($12) and tasted very good !

After eating, we went to NINJA MUSEUM of Igaryu.

And inside this museum, there hold Ninja show (needed extra cost 300 yen per person) and the last show started at 3 p.m. so we safely watched the last show.

This show was very good and after watching this show, my son tried syuriken.

After this show, we walked through this museum and there were tour-guide so they navigate us and telling the story of ninja's life.

The tour guide was very good and we enjoyed them very much.
After enjoying the museum, we walked around the Iga-ueno castle and watched iga town. This city is very good atmosphere and due to the restrict of hight of buildings, the landscape of this town is very good, like old japanese town, maybe.

At gift shop, my wife bought syuriken and my son liked it very much ! (he brought to the kindergarden the next day.)