November 26, 2016

Akashi city

We went to akashi city because my company's branch held a track meet.

The athletic field is located inside akashi park in front of akashi station.
After cheering, we walked around akashi city.

Akashi city is famous for akashi-yaki, which is a kind of tako-yaki.
We walked along the shopping street and there are several akashi-yaki shops.

We entered this shop because it shows that it is 550 yen($5) including 15 peaces of akashi-yaki for one person.
Akashi yaki is called tamago(=egg)-yaki. The surface of ako-yaki is solid but surface of akashi-yaki is soft, shaped like an egg (color is yellow like egg) so it might be called tamago-yaki, I guess.

It tasted very good.

This is famous akashi-yaki shop.

Over this shop, there are sea-shore and we walked aroud there.
It was fine day so we enjoyed walking around akashi-city. Akashi city is not big city but I liked this city.

November 1, 2016

Hirakata T-site

Hirakata city is good place to live but there aren't many fashionable places.
On the north of hirakata, there are kuzuha town and there are kuzuha mall which is most fashinable place in hirakata.
But recently most fashinable place was opend. This is hirakata T-site.
T-site was built at where departmentstore was built. It is old-fashion store, so it was closed and this building was renewally opend.

This building was organized by Tsutaya,  so this is called "T"-site. Tsutaya is unique campany which deals with books, CD/DVD/blue-ray rental and many building is housing sturbucks coffee so atmosphere is very good. Recently this company produces unique bookshops and also handling SIM free smartphone.

This campany was first started at hirakata-city, that's why T-site was opend in such normal city. (T-site was located several city around Japan, maybe number of this shop is under 10)

This shop houses many shops like glossary shop, wear shop, etc and there are books located along these shops. Below is one example. And there are free chair in any places so we can enjoy shoping, drinking coffee(sturbucks, etc), reading books sitting on the chair. Maybe we can enjoy spending long times in this shop. 

Making good usage of commuting

From last July, I've been commuting about 2 hours from my home to my working place so I have certain amout of time at commuting.

Commuting is very precious time for me because I can keep certain amount of time for study.
Studying English is one option but I don't want to spend much time for it. English is just a tool so if I have a time for studying english, I want to spend time for another things.
Studying English is merely like a machinely training for me. It doesn't need intelligence. I don't want to waste my precious time for such a training.
(But english is good tool to get huge amount of information so I'm listening english materials at walking, transition period of station because I can't read books in such a situation )

By the way, first priority is reading books. I often read science articles using RSS feed via smartphone but book is special for me. Good books contain wonderful knowledge and wisdom so we can get such informations about $20-$30 per a book.
I also use MOOCS. If we have a certain subject to know about, MOOCS is very useful.
It's true from my experience.

October 10, 2016

Harvesting sweet potatos

Today, we harvested sweet potatos.

It had been raining continuously so today is best day for harvesting.
Our parents also came here because my son called them and we began to harvest.

It took about 1.5 hour, very tired.
I bought 20 peaces of sweet potato's seedlings (about 1000 Yen, 10$) and harvested 70 peaces of potatos. It might be that one peace of sweet potato is about 100-200 Yen so it is not so bad.
I chose "naruto-kintoki" brand which is very popular one in Japan.

After harvesting, we shared potatos half for parents and us.
My mother-in-law immediately cooked "daigaku-imo" which is popular home cooking in Japan.  My son loved them very much.

September 25, 2016

Barbecue party

Today, we did barbecue with wife's parents living near our home.
Today's weather forcast were 60% rainy bit we were lucky that it didn't rain.

This time, I used this item I'd bought the other day. It helps burning charcoal easily like below so I tried.

Indeed, it is very easy to fire charcoal.
I bought it about 2000 yen and it is a foldaway one so it's very good.

There are some improvement points.

  • two barbeque is better. This time I used charcoal booster written above so if I brought second barbeque, I can use this for charcoal booster while cooking at another barbeque.
  • It's better to check if charcoal go to pieces before doing barbecue. Our charcoal I bought about 1 years before have went to pieces !
  • towel is neccesary. I sweated heavily today.
  • enough water is neccesary. we all were thirsty.

September 23, 2016

Repairment of air bed

Our air bed for camp was broken due to air leakage so I tried to fix it.

This is a small pin hole. This is too small so it takes about 1-2 hours to leak air.

Using mending tape which I bought it 100 yen. 

Camp at shiga

We went to camping on 10-11 Sep.
10th Sep was saturday so after finishing regular swiming lesson of my son, we left osaka about 4:30 PM, arrived mutu-yazaki camping site about 8 o'clock.

Making tento, eating box lunch, we went to regular hot-spring place "hotel kai-tourou", which is about 10 min. driving, then went back to camping site.

This night, there were terrible happing.
We placed a handy-type mosquito coil (katori-senkou) inside tento and this is a false-bottom type so I put 3 mosquito coil inside it.
After sleeping, we smell strange,waiking up and found smoke was very strong(almost burning) ! We were almost choked with mosquito coil's smoke.

So I seldom slept this night.(my son slept well)

September 17, 2016

A waist cushion

When I came back to my hometown for a long time driving (about 5 hours), I had waist pain again. So I decided to buy waist cushion.

I bought two, one is for car driving and the other is for my working purpose. I could easily find good one for car driving at a car shop(Auto Backs), but I could hardly find good one for my workplace.

There are many types of waist cushions but many of them are for good style like straightening one's spine or like that. But there are little for medical type. Finally I can find such type of cushion so I decided to buy one.

September 3, 2016

Coleman XP Hexa Tarp /S

I bought Coleman XP Hexa Tarp/S.
I have Penta ? Tarp but it is a little small. So I searched more big one, and I found it.
As I happend to go to himaraya sports shop, I found it discounted so I bought it (\11,000 including tax).

One month before, I tried it but it is not beautifully constructed. So I watched this and tried again today.

There are several points.
 - First, spread the sheet also poles on the earth, with pole's legs spreading.
 - Second, connect ropes to the poles and the sheet. Ropes connecting with poles should be pegged on the earth.
 - Third, pull up poles and adjust pole leg's width, also adjusting rope's length.
 - Then put pole's legs a little inside, and line of the top of the tarp became beautiful.
 - And last, pegged other 4  ropes on the earth.

  The silhouette of this coleman's tarp is very beautiful. I liked it.

August 28, 2016

A story behind brain research

I happened to find this article. I pushed this article to my kindle and read it. It's very intersting story.

H.M was a man who were unable to hold on to the present moment for more than 30 seconds or so.
I knew the name of H.M. but didn't know a story around him and researchers so it's very interesting story for me.
After reading this article, I saw another article in facebook. Two articles are related to a newly released  book. That's why I often find a story about H.M.

The author of this book Luke Dittrich and female researcher Suzanne Corkin are both related deeply to H.M., former is grandson of surgeon who operated brain surgery to H.M. and the latter was a resercher who researched H.M. for long period of time.
So it is why this book seemed to be very intersting.

This author's grandfather did brain operation to H.M. which performed on both sides of his brain and intended to treat Henry's epilepsy, renderd himm profoundly amnesiac.
I was very surprised that this operation was done in 1953.

July 24, 2016

Nest of long-legged wasp

We had an air-conditioner which seldom been used for about 10 years since we build our home, so we planned to move it to another room.
And yesterday, repairer of air-conditioner has come and checked it and find that there are nest of bee near the outdoor unit. So this movement work was cancelled due to danger.
( The repairer said that this air-conditioner is 10 years old so it is better not to move it because it'll often been broken down in 1 year for its removal so I decided to buy new one.)

I searched remover of nest via internet and find this company and called about 9 AM today and called back soon. And remover has come about 0:30 PM. 
Checking the nest, it is a nest of yellow long-legged wasp. They said that it is the second dangerous bee to hornet.
Basic price is \6800 but it need extra money(about \10,000 for their protection and their safety against bee, it depends on bee's type).
And furthermore, it needs extra money for speicial treatment which killed returing bee which is currently flying outside the fields. Because if they'll come to their nest and find that there are no more home, they become aggressive.(they said that it is called returing bee). So total fee is \30,300 (\32,700 including tax).

But this work is finished about 30 min. I can't do it by myself !

This is my first experience to remove nest of bee.
Recently we did our home's termite treatment, but there were no nest.
This remover said it is good timing because if it will be next week, nest will become bigger so it is dangerous for us and neighborhood people.
New total sum of new air conditioner and this treatment is about \100,000 but can't help for health and danger.

June 18, 2016

Keeping time for reading books

For me, keeping time for reading is very important.
Reading good books is very fatastic experience for me. It is like meeting very talent people.
We can talk to top level person directly through books, and I can talk to a person who are already died through books.
Recently, I always carry two type of books, one is traditional paper books and another is e-books. I'm a fan of amazon kindle.
Kindle is very good for me because it is light, easy to read because it contains dictionary so I can find meanings of unknown words immediately, and is restricted for reading books.
I commute about 1 hour 50 min. for one way and it is good time for reading.
To make use of separated short times in a dairy life is good for reading. I fully use of this time for reading.
And most important things is to choose good books. There are many garbage books around us but also there are very good books around us so getting informations about good books is very very important.

June 11, 2016

Global ??

Reading today's nikkei newspaper's advertisement of University, I'm surprised to find that almost all of them says we are seeking "globa". Everytime I see this word, I always feel that it is empty word. Are they want to show their foolishness using this word ?

As writing here, It does not matter for me. But I'm wondering that if many japanese university is like that, japan is over.
People want to study so they go, that's all I think. But many japanese people lose these most important thing. It is same in top university's student (of course all of them is not like that, but as far as my experience, many japanese people care about "ability of study". It's very sad. )

My opinion is that the right to study is a basic right for human beings, so it is nonsense to spend much money for studying.
From that point of view, Japan is good country because public university's fee is low compared with other western university. But japanese people tends to care about "name" or "brand". They care about other people. It is not good nature of japanese people.
If they like something, for example, science, math, etc, they only choose such university which also don't charge much money.

Furthermore, we can study anywhere anytime if we use IT. And there are good books in book shops or public library. So we can study untile we die..

Watching this advertisement, I'm thinking such things.

June 5, 2016


I knew her song when reading this blog in 2007.

I like her sorrowful song.
I don't know much about fad but music rooted on traditional sounds like fad is good.
I had gone to Portugal once, walking around Lisbon. I didn't go to music pub of fad but I remenbered the memory of Portugal in 1991. 

We always listen popular music and it sounds similar, Japanese songs, USA songs. Hearing such songs, I feel freshness and sometimes I was deeply moved.

June 4, 2016

Beautiful Mars

This week,  we can see Mars very closely so I and my son watched Mars.
From this picture, it is like dot. But as seeing from our naked eyes, it looked big,bright brown color.

I was very surprised to see this largeness of star. My son also liked this star.

I also used tablet app "Star map" to find Mars. It is very useful because we move my tablet towards stars and this app indicates a name of this star.
When I was a child, I used a real star map on a circuit plate. Ciuruiting map by date, time, I can find which stars was found in certain direction. Both is good tools for science lovers.

May 13, 2016

Efficiency, usage of brain, etc

I like books very much so I often go to book shops because.
I like good books and I think that good books indicates standard level of this country's cultual level.

And recently I sometimes feel sad because there are many books which lectures good usage of brains, how to do things efficiently.
When I saw this book the day before yesterday, I felt she was crazy. Of course, freedom of speech is basic right but I felt very sad to see these kind of books.
Maybe such person was taught high perfomance of brain is most important value of life.

If there are such kinds of books in book shops, Japan might be over.

May 7, 2016

Harvesting broad beans

Today, we harvested broad beans with son and his grandfather.
As my memo, I bought broad bean's seeds on last Nov. which was about 200 yen (2$) and now these are like that (below photo)

In winter time, soy bean and green peas are very good vegetables because there are several vegetables grown in winter time. But winter time is good because there are seledom warms so we don't care about them. 
I challenged planting green soybeans in summer time but protecting them from warms is very difficult for me so finally gave it up !

And recent green pea taste very delicious. We like both of them very much.

Harvesting broad beans

Today, we harvested broad beans with son and his grandfather.
As my memo, I bought broad bean's seeds on last Nov. which was about 200 yen (2$) and now these are like that (below photo)

In winter time, soy bean and green peas are very good vegetables because there are several vegetables grown in winter time. But winter time is good because there are seledom warms so we don't care about them. 
I challenged planting green soybeans in summer time but protecting them from warms is very difficult for me so finally gave it up !

And recent green pea taste very delicious. We like both of them very much.

April 6, 2016

Children's heart

I'm sometimes surprised to know that my son's life is not so diffrent from my life at his age.

Today, he showed me colorful kneaded eraser saying it is popular at his class. It is same with me at age 8-9 years old.
And last week, he showed me chewing gum with clip and if I pulled out one chewing gum plate, wired spling chached my finger in the chewing gum plate. It was also popular toy 40 years ago.
He also likes cartoon of doraemon, kochi-kame, which was popular when I was junior school.

He used tablet PC, playing hobby drone, but he is same as me of 40 years ago. Children's nature might not be changed at any age.

March 20, 2016

3 days holiday

I'm spending this 3 days holidays(Sat. Sun. Vernal Equinox Day) in our home reluxly.
I wanted to go around but last Tuesday my son got influenza-B and my wife got same last Thursday.
 My son was recoverd and we played catch at near park but she is suffering flu plus otitis media so I'm doing cook and housework.

But I can tide up our home, doing what I wanted to do(setting of computer, tablet, buying vegetable garden's goods, etc so it is good holidays for me. Tiding up our surroundings is good because doing it also makes myself simple, calm down my heart.

March 8, 2016

Fear of uncontrolable body

About 1week, I heavily lost my health.

Last sundsy and monday, I had a fever (took 1 day absent of work) and recovered on tuesday morning, work 2 days(feeling strangeness of my digestive system from tuesday evening), then suddenly my body condition was deteriorated on thursday early morning, down from tuesday to sunday.
Especially last 4 days was very hard experience because my body temperature was not decreased, couldn't move my body and had no desire to eat.

In my ordinary case, taking 1day rest turned out to be normal condition. But this case it didn't.
I checked 3 hospital, internal medicine, gastrolintestinal medicine, but couldn't find bad thing. ( it might be that it is virus type fever and was not infected with influenza, I checked twice, monday and suturday ! )

For last 1 month, I became sick 3 times after light exercise then recovered 1-2days rest and doctor said that virus wouldn't be died under body temperature 37.5C so it might be that they kept endured 1 month and finally acted violently.

This time, I strongly felt that body system is very subtle one. And If this system's balance was broken, I couldn't move, couldn't decrease my temprature if I took 4 days consecutive rest, didn't have desire to eat! It's very terrible thing that I can't control my own body.
And my favorite book "youjou-kun" written at edo-era by ekiken kaibara said we should treat our body very very carefully, and some wise technique helps our healthy life, it depends on how seriously they care their body (indeed ekiken himself is not healthy when young but live long ! )

I became age of 50 last year and around this age, balance of body's hormone, immune strength, etc are changed.
I used to run for health but from point of immune system, there might be more fitting way for me.

February 7, 2016

Potato farming

Today, we planed potatos. I bought potatos 3kg (750yen) and cut these potatos in half.

Before planting, we put ashes to potato's cutting planes and planted them.

I always bought potatos about 1 or 2 kg so 3 kg is a little too much for our farm. There are half of entire spaces left but all was used for potstos.
It took about 2 hours for farming, tired..

January 24, 2016

David bowie -Blackstar

I like david bowie so I was shocked of his news of deat. But after hearing the new, I watched this video and couldn't finish watching. It's awful, genius songs for recent some years.

It's full of death image and if I watched it before knowing his death news, I might have only been inpressed with strangeness of this music.

I can't describe this music in a proper words but it show me that there are many possibility for music left and feel thriling for a future of music.

January 16, 2016

Japanese sake (iso zhiman)

Recently I like japanese alchol(sake). Good tasted japanese sake tastes excellent with cold.
I like my hometown's sake "iso-zhiman" which is mean to be prouding seashore.
Before, sake at shizuoka is not famous but about decades ago, shizuoka yeast was invented and sake at shizuoka become to be famous aroud japan.

I bought it when I went back to shizuoka this winter. It costs 1300 yen(about $10).
The taste of it is like a wine.

January 9, 2016

New year's event

This winter holiday is short period because 29 Dec. was Tuesday and 3 Jan. was Sunday  and from 4 Jan. job was started so 6 days winter holiday.

we ate oden breakfast at hamamatsu SA, 500yen/person.

lunch at shouan is ordinary event.
price of sakyura shirimp ricebox was up.

watched STAR WARS at shizuoka.

his X'mas present at Osaka was baseball bat, glove, ball, so he bring back to shizuoka to play baseball with grandfather.

there is large space alongside of abe-river so we went there.

this is emergency helicopter harbor and we play there.

It is short time but enjoyed.