New kindle has come !

New kindle was released and it is not expensive (¥6980) compaired with kindle whitepaper (about  ¥10 thousant), so that I decided to buy one.
I ordered Thursday and arrived next day on Friday due to amazon prime service (trying 30days free tiarl).
Using it, it ers
pad with old one, I can read japanese books from because my od one was USA version so it handle, can't display japanese character. ( I sometimes use send-to-kindle option to display Japanese character from PDF document)
- checking meaning of words easily. There are dictionary in old one but it is english-english dic. and moving cursor to a destination word takes a little time. But with new one, I touch a word and finish ! very simple. (of course there are japanese -English dic.) Furthermore, checked words are stored in flash card automatically.
- Scrolling pages is very easily. There is a function that I can display page preview with small size, moving next page or chapter through  preview. It is very good function.
- light and small
- Not so expensive so ordinally office workers can buy it in one's pocket money.
I liked old kindle. It has audio function so it read out books. And furthermore, it isnot broken for 4years usage.

After getting new kindle,
I visited recycling shops for selling old kindl
e but they couldn't buy it because they handle kindle. This kindle is of USA type which couldn't use amazon-jp ID so i thought it was a liitle hard to sell it. But yesterday when i visited another recycling shop, they bouht it. The price is so low but I'm satisfied with this result.


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