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New kindle has come !

New kindle was released and it is not expensive (¥6980) compaired with kindle whitepaper (about  ¥10 thousant), so that I decided to buy one. I ordered Thursday and arrived next day on Friday due to amazon prime service (trying 30days free tiarl). Using it, it ers
pad with old one, I can read japanese books from because my od one was USA version so it handle, can't display japanese character. ( I sometimes use send-to-kindle option to display Japanese character from PDF document)
- checking meaning of words easily. There are dictionary in old one but it is english-english dic. and moving cursor to a destination word takes a little time. But with new one, I touch a word and finish ! very simple. (of course there are japanese -English dic.) Furthermore, checked words are stored in flash card automatically.
- Scrolling pages is very easily. There is a function that I can display page preview with small size, moving next page or chapter through  preview. It is…

Amazon's misorder

I used ¥980 maruman watch for about 2years, but recently this watch was sometimes in a wrong manner. After using stopwatch function plus ilumination function and press a stop botton, time was all reset! (I often do joging after coming home and used stopwatch function of my watch)
And 3days before, at last time was incorrect. It might be out of battely, but I decided to buy new watch at amazon.
I like CASIO G-SHOCK orignal model(5600) and found ¥5900 imported one, so I orderd it.
And yesterday, it was delivered but it was another type(model 9052).
I've used amazon for a long time but such thing was first. Returning process is easy. At first, I clicked url in reciept mail and I writ down my telephone number and push botton, then there were return cal from amazon telephone center. After telling infirmation, they did refunding procejure. Then I packed the watch into box then brought it to convinience store, sended it to amazon C.O.D.*
When amazon recieve the percel, I`ll recieve amaz…