December 21, 2013

about internet and books

There are so many things existed in internet, same as books. And I thought before that there were few good articles existed in internet compared with books, but recently I'm changing my mind.

Of course, there are so many junky things existed in internet world, but sometimes there are very very talented person existed. And when I find such brilliant things, that makes me feel excited.

Thinking such things, I often rember when I was a student.

When I was a highschool student at shizuoka highschool, some students were very talented & unique so I was deeply moved by them.
Compared with tokyo and osaka, there are no special private highschool at shizuoka, so top students go to public school like shizuoka highschool, so there are variety of people existed at this school and top level of students are very very talented so when I entered university, I felt a little sad because top level seemed to be lower compared with shizuoka highschool..

For example, one of my friend I.Y. was called "vector" by highschool classmate because he lectured about mathmatical things like vector at math class. He was unique like this.
-prograph is revolutinary because it is date-flow type, object oriented, visual language
-RPN (reverse polish notation) is good because it doesn't need "( )" and faithful for thinking order.

He majored in physics at University of Tokyo but he was absorbed in computer and internet (at that time around 1985-1900 was the time when internet access had begun using telephon modem) and he made some unique software for using nifty forum. And at the sametime, he got the first IPA genius prize and made software company. I often went to his apartment house and talked until early morning when I was a college student.

The reason why I write such things is that it is very hard for me to meet such people throuout my working (of course, there aren't such people existed, but seldom).
But throughout books or internet, I can keep in touch with such a talented person and I think that it is the revolutionary things, because we can experience such things anywhere, anytime, with almost free !

And also think that meaning of school is to meet such person in real circumstance.

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