June 26, 2013

The Incredible Human Journey by Alice Roberts

In japan, we can see this book at almost all the book shops, and this month, NHK is broadcasting this BBC TV series.

I planed to see this first episode, but missed by going outside, also missed rebroadcasting 2 days before, so checked the web and found this first episode.

I think that this TV series is very intersting. The story is not special story, but it describes this kind of story very easily and very interstingly by using many wonderful video and CG. And furthermore, her storytelling is very good. And also her book is very good one, I think.
As seen from amazon book review, amazon japan review is not good evaluation compaerd with amazon.com review, but my opinion is almos same as the latter.

Maybe in japan, the book publisher and broadcaster (NHK) is closely related (like this special site), but such good scientific series might be good for young people, also for middle aged people like me.

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