June 18, 2013

hotaru watching at Uji-city

We went to Uji at Kyoto-prefecture to watch hotaru(firefly) at Uji city park. (Jun. 15 sat).

Last year, we went to watch hotaru near our home, but this place was damaged by last year's heavy rain, so I was searching another hotaru-watching places by internet and finally I found this place.

Uji-city is located next to kyoto-city, and it is near my home (about 30 min by train or 1 hour by car) and it hosts world heritage "byoudou-in" and other good temples. I like this place because there is a uji-river and scenary around this river is very beautiful.

At first, we went to tea-shop "uji iemon" at 1:30 pm. This day, weather was very bad (heavy rain) but it was very crowded so we had to wait about 1 hour to enter shop! Maybe one of the reason why might be that this day (15 Jun) was the first day of uji-river cormorant fishing.

After finish eating, we went to uji city-park.
This park always ended about 5 pm, but this 3 weeks was special week for hotaru-watching, so this park was close at 9 pm.

This week was special week so enterance fee after 4 pm was 300yen(about 3$) per person conpared with the normal fee of 500 yen. But this day was very bad weather until 5 pm (heavy rain) so there was little people inside this park.

But after 6 o'clock pm, peaple came there and when hotaru-watching time started (sunset time was 7:30 pm), there were many people (not so crowded but not little).

Above was the special demo why hotaru is bright. Demonstrator mixed 2 type of liquid (luciferin, firefly luciferase+ATP) and shined !

 We couldn't take pictures because firefly are sensible of camera's flash and above was the exits of park after watching hotaru. There were not so much but not so little fireflies but my son liked watching firefly.

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