June 7, 2008

Our new family !

He is our new family and he is our first baby! He was born on 28 May, and this Wednesday he came our home from hospital and 4 days had passed. He is very very bouncing baby so my wife couldn't sleep well, but we love him very much.

He cried very loudly so we tried to ease him in various ways, and this picture is one of ways to be quiet. (this red material is a rattle and if I shake this rattle, he is very curious about it and hear this rattle's sound and sometimes stop crying!)


Beth said...

Thank you for you comment on my blog. It's good to know someone is reading it! Congratulations on your new arrival. I hope he's starting to cry a bit less and your wife is recovering quickly.

yama-chan-yama said...

He is a bouncing baby so my wife had little time to sleep for breast-feeding. I was accustomed to change the baby napkin but we loved him very much.

Thank you!