December 21, 2008


After goint to habikino-city, we drop to Suiko-tennou-ryou (推古天皇陵,MAP).
I was surprised when I saw some kind of shrine and found the name of Suiko, because Empress Suiko was famous name on textbook of history at junior highschool.
Around there, it is countryside and very quiet.

After goint to the pavement, we can see the entrance of tomb.
Acording to the information of sightseeing in Taishi town, Empress Suiko was the first empress of Japan and celebrate the culture of Asuka (6, 7 century). Around there, we can see many cultural monument of Asuka-period.

After that, we went to cafe of パティシェFLOUR (MAP). It tastes good !

November 2, 2008

Late Marriage Anniversary

At Nov. 2, we ate lunch at french restaurant near my home for marriage anniversary (a little late due to my baby).

We left our baby to our parent and went to the restaurant (but took one minute from our parent's home to the restaurant and also about 3 minutes from our home to our parent's home ! )

Good bye our baby for about two hours !
Before lunch.

an hors d’oeuvre

Main dishes

Bought cakes for wife's parents (thanks for baby-sitter ) and us

In front of the restaurant.

October 15, 2008

Recently popular books in Japan.

Recently, there are many how-to books or business books published, like how to stock and use informations (using internet services or notebook, etc) or the knowhow-books of memorize something.

For example, we can see many books like, Kazuyo katuma, leverage thinking by Naoyuki Honma, Stydy Hacks by Ryusuke koyama, use one notebook for memo by Nobuyuki Okuno, method of memorizing by student of The University of Tokyo by Wakiko Tokuda, etc.

Of course, such books had been existed before, but recently I think the number of such books are increasing. Maybe there are some reasons exist.
One reason is the development of internet access (plus gear) and internet services, so we can easily get and utilize informations using Information Technology.
We can easily get and send informations anywhere anytime by using mobile phone or wireless access by Note-PC in a cheap charge. And with such circumstances, the amount of informations are also increasing because many people publish informations through the internet services(like blogs, etc) and we might handle more information, so there are much more needs to use such informations usefully in business or in studing.

But for me, maybe I never buy such books because it's OK to read them in front of bookstore about 10-20 minutes, that's enough.
These books are some kind of technique books. For example, if you want to practice golf or ski, you read golf lesson books or ski books. You can get some hint or some technique through these books, so it is useful. But for me, to do golf or skiing is my purpose (because it is fun). Another example is that English is useful tool in a internet-age because the amount of informations written by english language is enormouse compared with japanese (in a worldwide range, japanese language is one of local language). So for me, English is one of tools, but not purpose. So I might have gotten some kind of hint of doing efficiently, but that's all and it is not worth buying for me. (If I have a time to read such books and also have money to buy, I want to read another books because it's worth spending times)

So what is my purpose or desire is the willingness to know. I can buy books about 1 or 2 books (3-4 books if it is used-books) due to the limitation of money! so I select books very seriously. I buy books if I eager to read in some period of time but there are not so much worth-reading books, so I am happy when I found these books.

Recently I read the book "what is life" by Erwin Schrodinger by Japanese. I really want to read this but this book was out of order, but recently this book is re-published in a cheap price and I am very surprised to see this book in a bookstore! Compared these books, I feel sad if I see the books above in front of bookstore, because the books presents the intelectual and cultual standard of this country. I can't read "what if life" in a few hours in a bookstore because it contains so much things and not easy to read.

October 12, 2008

Beautiful moon

Today, moon is very beautiful in the clouds, so I took pictures.
If I fly up from earth, far away from earth and moon, I can see earth and moon close to each other in black space.
A little dark setting up.

Adjust sensitivity ( we can also see our home. )

Interesting books,etc.

Recently, I am curious about the author "kenichiro mogi"(japanese blog, english-blog).

I knew him but until recently, I am not interested about him and his book ( I know his thema "qualia" by title ). And recently we can see him on TV and he publish many book in a short interval, and his way of thinking and point of view was very interesting to me so I read his books and website. (recently I am stuck on his website)

I wonder why I am curious about his book and website, and maybe I am starving for some intellectual things.
I found "hideo kobayashi", "hideo noguchi" from his writing and I aloso read the book of "kang sang jung" and he was also influenced by "soseki natume". Also I read his blog and it refered the website "edge" which I liked, that's strange feeling and also interesting to me.

September 19, 2008

Recently thinking

Recently I often think about what is most important for me, especially when I was tired of working and lost my motivation (for ironing out the differences of opinions and failed).

For me, maybe my starting point is the intention to know something new, to do something intersting, to acomplish something by my effort, to be excited! Maybe this is all. (The amount of wage and position is not so important for me if we can live carefully.)

Sometimes I was at a loss what I am doing for, for what I want to do. And in such a case, I cooled down my head and ask for myself what I want to do for, then came back to the starting point and recoverd myself.

September 14, 2008

Okui zome

Okui zome is a japanese ceremony not to eat forever his life. It is usually done 100 days after baby's born, but in our case a little late.
It is a ceremony so baby really don't eat (baby pretended to eat )
At first, I didn't know the ceremony but my wife's parents said to my wife that it must be done because my wife and my wife's brother also did it.

finished settings.

A sea bream.

He sat on his grandfather's legs.

When he eat, suddenly he cried !

Crying ! !

Crying ! ! !
His grandmother had a black stone and it is also ceremony.

Finished ceremony.

He might feel safe, maybe.

August 17, 2008

First time babycar .

Maybe this is the first time to going by the baby-car.

Before departure. He is relaxing.

Trip around near our home.

Sleeping !

This is a park near our home. It is a small hill.

August 15, 2008

Summer vacation ! (August 8-17)

This is summer vacation season, and I took 10 days vacation from August 8(Fri) to 17(Sun) (included Saturday and Sunday).
This period was called "Obon" (around August 15). Usually we went to my hometown Shizuoka-pref. to meet my parents and sister&brother's family, but this time we spent Osaka due to our baby.

And August 13, I went to an exibition of painter Amedeo Modigliani at The National Museum of Art, Osaka which is located at nakano-shima (small island and located in a cenral of Osaka-city) . My wife couldn't go there because of nursing a baby(we are nursing a baby by turns.)

(See the Map).

At first I took off at Yodoyabashi-sta. which is the starting station of Keihan-train. (Keihan-train is running from central of Osaka to Kyoto and I used this train for going to my office), then walked along the riverside of nakano-shima to the west (where musium is located).

Around nakano-shima island, there are many beautiful scenary like this. This island is a sandbank of Dojima-river and Tosabori-river and there are many beautiful architecture built from meiji-era to the showa-era.

After watching this exibition, I ate a lunch (below pic).
Around here, there are good restaurant with a reasonable price ( I ate kaisen-don which is a rice served in a bowl with tuna, octopus, salmon roe, 780 Yen and delicious !). This erea is business erea, so usually there are many office worker around there, but in this week there are a little officeworker.

After eating lunch, I went back to the east along the riverside of nakano-shima. (Scenary is like this.)
I walked trough higobashi-sta. yodoyabashi-sta. kitahama-sta. and arrived at tenmabashi-sta. It took about 40 min walk.

Omiya mairi (July 26)

We went to a Shinto shrine to do a celemony "Omiya mairi", which was done for a happyness and good health of the baby. And fortunately, there are a big shrine "Naritasan Osaka" neay our home, so we did it there.

It is usual that this celemony is done at 31 days(for boy) or 30 days(for girl) after baby was born, but in the case of our family, parents was not in a good-condition at that time and furthermore we thought that it was not good for baby to go outside, so we did it at 2 months after he was born.

In this shirine, this celemony was done every 2 hours, so we took part in at 9:30 AM. It was done in a way of Shinto-style in a dark hall, incense was burn and a Shinto priest read a sutra and some priest beated a japanese drum (one baby was cried with a big sound!) and the priest read the baby's name (in this celemony, about 10-15 baby was attended) and after celemony was finished, another priest push the special paper at baby's head with cloth's hammer and finished.

This picture was taken after celemony was finished.

We didn't know about the celemony thoroughly untile now but as far as I klnow, almost every family did this celemony. I felt a little strange because as far as we talked them, they didn't seem to be interested in Shrine or Temple or Japanese traditional culture (maybe this is average japanese family below age 40-50), but I think this is good celemony.

June 21, 2008

Japanese Haiku - Fukiko Yasunaga

Today, I read the newspaper and it introduced a haiku (japanese poem) with a essay.
This haiku was "桜餅の粒実ふふめば哀れなり口中に凛々(りり)とかすむくれなゐ".

In this article, サクランボ(桜桃)(a cherry) is introduced in the begining with the episode that it was sent by delivery service and depicted the story of eating it, and finally this poem was introduced.
This poem was composed by Fukiko Yasunaga (安永蕗子) who I didn't know, but I liked this poem because this sound of words is very beautiful. This authoress was born in 1920 at Kumamoto-pref. and she got the several prizes, one of which was " 迢空(ちょう・くう)賞" which is the best prize of haiku, so that's why I was moved.

(Nikkei newspaper evening edition, June 21 2008)

Related link; Google(安永蕗子)

June 8, 2008

onomatopee (onomatopoeia) (オノマトペ)

Last week when I read the newspaper, I found this word. This article introduce the book of japanese singer "hitoto You" who make the lyrics using the method of onomatopee. Indeed her song is unique so I was intrested in her song.

I check out the word オノマトペ(onomatopee) and found that it is very deep and intresting.
Recently I am curious about how the children can get the word or language. At first children can pronounce the word like onomatopee, then sometimes suddenly he can get the exact word, so word and onomatopee have relationship.

June 7, 2008

Our new family !

He is our new family and he is our first baby! He was born on 28 May, and this Wednesday he came our home from hospital and 4 days had passed. He is very very bouncing baby so my wife couldn't sleep well, but we love him very much.

He cried very loudly so we tried to ease him in various ways, and this picture is one of ways to be quiet. (this red material is a rattle and if I shake this rattle, he is very curious about it and hear this rattle's sound and sometimes stop crying!)

April 16, 2008

Goldsmith College, UK

When I was a graduated student, I went to London and enjoyed summer school at Goldsmith college for about a month, because I wanted to spend good time at that period.
Goldsmith college was located near New Cross station and I stayed at dormitory of this college, because at summer time, dormitory was empty due to the summer vacation time.

And I happened to watch Flickr yesterday and search the word "New Cross", then found Goldsmith College's & around this area's picture and felt longing for this town.

New Cross is located about half an hour from central London by train, so it is very convenient place to go around central London. And this town is not so big (in another saying, feel a little deserted-looking), so I enjoyed the fist experience of abroad in a relaxing mode, so I liked this town very much.

If you see this picture , you can see the dormitory(*) where I stayed about 20 years ago, so I am deeply moved.

(*) UK's college is started at September, so at summer time, student go back to their hometown or go to trip and many rooms are not used, so some dormitory are used for such purpose like language school, etc. maybe.