I love camera very much !
Camera is my traveling requisities, like best friend.
I use it like drawing pictures. Taking picture is a joy of life especially when I'm moved to picturesque scenary.

Recently(year 2018), our Canon IXY Digital 910IS (No.11) was broken so we boguht sony cyber-shot DSC-RX100 M1 and it is very splendid compact camera. I love it very much !

My first memory of camera was maybe a Nikon's single-lens reflex camera which my father had.
Below was the list of cameras I bought. I'm so surprised that I bought 11 cameras ! (including 2 Digital cameras.)

My first camera was No.1 I didn't remember the name of camera. Maybe due to the needs to my first trip to g0ing abroad, I bought it, but at that time I am not curious about cameras.
Maybe one reason that I liked cameras was an influence of my co-worker. He like camera very much and I was influenced by him and I bought a single-lens reflex camera(No.2), and after that, I started buying many camera and changing one after another by selling them at secondhand camera shops around Ginza, Tokyo.

Now I have two analog camera (No.8,9) and one digital camera(No.11). One is a single-lens reflex camera(No.8) and two are compact cameras and I liked them very much.

1. ?? (normal compact camera which I didn't remember the brand and name. (at college student due to my first trip to Europe)
2. Nikon F50 (single-lens reflex camera) (1990?-1995?)

3. Nikon F4 (single-lens reflex camera) (1995?-1997?)

4. Canon Kiss (single-lens reflex camera) (1995'- ?)

5. Nikon F3 (1997?-1999?)

6. Contax T2 (compact camera) (1997?-1999?)

7. Olypas u2 (compact camera) (1999?-2001?)

8. Nikon F80 (2000- )

9. Contax T3 (2001. Apr- )

10. Canon Powershot S30 (compact digital camera) (2002?-2008.Aug)

11. Canon IXY Digital 910IS (compact digital camera) (2008.Aug- )

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