May 6, 2018

A trip to shikoku (day second)

Second day, we went to matsuyama castle and walked around matsuyama city.

Tramcar were running in front of our hotel.

From our hotel to the castle, it took about 5 minutes by walk.
There are both cable-car and lift and fee is same so we choose lift.

And walked.

Matsuyama castle is preserved so we can enjoy the inner space of this castle. Compared with uwajima-castle, it is bigger. I like both castle.

Then we went to the central city and ate lunch.
This shop is japanese noodle shop "kotori". It is located at narrow streets so it took a little time to find this shop. Its atmosphere is old japanese style and we like this shop.

Then go ahead to okayama. We passed through "seto-oohashi" bridge.
At first, I planed to go through "shimanami-kaidou"bridges but at that time, one fugitive was around there so we changed to seto-oohashi bridge.

We arrivied at pension kuroshio-maru at ushimado, setouchi-city, okayama-prefecture. Ushimado is an erea south of okayama city. It is a seaside district of setouchi sea.
It is small penshion and dinner was very tasty so we loved it.

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