April 29, 2018

A trip to shikoku (day one)

From 28 April to 30, we are visiting to shikoku and cyu-goku area.

Day one(28 April) we left home about 5:45 AM and through awaji island, passing through matsuyama city and arrived at uwajima city and had lunch at hodumi-tei(below).

After lunch, we walked around uwajima city.
Uwajima city is located about 100km south from matsuyama city.
For me, uwajima city is my first visiting and it is very good atmosphire, sea is near here and town is tiny, not so crowded like matuyama and I liked there very much.

This is uwajima castle, one of 12 castle "tensyu-kaku(castle)" is reserved.
I visited akashi castle last month and there is no tensyu-kaku.

Then we went directly to dogo onsen(hotspring) at matsuyama city.

This is dogo-onsen.
When I first visited here about 15 years ago, it was not decorated like this.
I imagined that it was first day of golden-week(in Japan, this consecutive 9 days national holiday is called) so I expected here very crowded, but not so crowded than I had imagined. I could park our car at dogo-onsen parking smoothly.
Anyway we had bath here and it was very goog !

Then our first day of trip was over.

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