March 31, 2018

New camera (SONY Cyber-shot DSC-RX100)

We used canon IXY for about 10 years and recently microphone had occasional troubles. And in January, display was suddenly black-out ! So we decided to buy new one.

I like compact camera and want one which has shutter speed/diaphragm function, has large f value(f=1.x), good lense, low price (max 30,000-yen($300) mark) and this is only one that pass this requirement.
This was released in 2012 so 6 years has passed. And it is very surprised such old digital camera still be on sail. Latest model M5 prices 110,000-yen but basic optical structure is almost same (I think) so this M1 model is very cost-efficient one.

I have analog camera CONTAX T3 and this holds Zwiss T* sonnar 2.8/35 lens which is very sharp lens (I prefer like T2 sonnar2.8/38 lens which shows beautifully  blurred image..) so I like Zwiss.

Below is sample photo. Compared with IXY 910 IS, it capture color of air. I like this camera.

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