October 7, 2017

Simpleness and mindfulness

Mindfullness is popular word recently, but for me, living with simplicity might be same as mindfullness.

There are so many things around us and these are physical ones and non-physical ones (information). There are so many information using internet, SNS, so on. There are many worrying things happening at work which are mixture of not so important but in a hurry things and important things, and our brain are always under stress circumstance. And mindfullness is of course usefull method to maintain our state of mind.

But for me, having little things, clearing up my surroundings, clearing up our garden with broom, listening NHK radio(very simple one), opening windows and feeling cold air, hearing birds whistling through the windows. It's enough for me.
It's like old japanese style rooted of buddism and very close to my childfood life style.Recently I notice a goodness of such things.

And throughout these things, my mind and brain suddenly clears up. It's true for me. I had done these things unconciously before, but recently do it conciously. It brings me a sense of happiness, confortable state of mind.

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