October 8, 2017

Kyoto walking -maru-take-ebisu

Our son learns "song of kyoto street name", so we planed to go to Kyoto and walked along this street.(The song is like this)
This song is included in "Kyo-en sodefure" which our son danced with at his junior school's athletic meet, so we learn this song.

First place is "maru" which is maruta-machi, so we got off at jingu-marutamachi station at keihan.
At first, we bought lunchbox at supermarket and ate them alongside of kamo-river.

Then started walking to west.

When we met shirakawa street, then we changed direction to south to walk along shinmachi street.
(below is shinmachi street)

This song songs street names which are running east-west direction and shinmachi street go north-south direction, so there are small intersection and we took photo at each intersection.
First is "maru" which means marutamachi street and second is "take" which indicates takeyamachi street. Below is takeyamachi-shinmachi intersection.

And we took foto at each intersections.

On the way, we took a rest at cafe.

Then started walking.

We finished walking at "hachi" which is hachijo-street.
We later knew that end point is "kujo" which is kujo street, so if we go to kyoto, we will walk the last section.

We needed some stretch !

Then took some rest.
We started walking from 1:30 and finished walking about 4:00.
This day, I walked over 18000 steps by my walking counter and it is my top record since I use this counter.

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