October 8, 2017

Kyoto walking -maru-take-ebisu

Our son learns "song of kyoto street name", so we planed to go to Kyoto and walked along this street.(The song is like this)
This song is included in "Kyo-en sodefure" which our son danced with at his junior school's athletic meet, so we learn this song.

First place is "maru" which is maruta-machi, so we got off at jingu-marutamachi station at keihan.
At first, we bought lunchbox at supermarket and ate them alongside of kamo-river.

Then started walking to west.

When we met shirakawa street, then we changed direction to south to walk along shinmachi street.
(below is shinmachi street)

This song songs street names which are running east-west direction and shinmachi street go north-south direction, so there are small intersection and we took photo at each intersection.
First is "maru" which means marutamachi street and second is "take" which indicates takeyamachi street. Below is takeyamachi-shinmachi intersection.

And we took foto at each intersections.

On the way, we took a rest at cafe.

Then started walking.

We finished walking at "hachi" which is hachijo-street.
We later knew that end point is "kujo" which is kujo street, so if we go to kyoto, we will walk the last section.

We needed some stretch !

Then took some rest.
We started walking from 1:30 and finished walking about 4:00.
This day, I walked over 18000 steps by my walking counter and it is my top record since I use this counter.

October 7, 2017

Simpleness and mindfulness

Mindfullness is popular word recently, but for me, living with simplicity might be same as mindfullness.

There are so many things around us and these are physical ones and non-physical ones (information). There are so many information using internet, SNS, so on. There are many worrying things happening at work which are mixture of not so important but in a hurry things and important things, and our brain are always under stress circumstance. And mindfullness is of course usefull method to maintain our state of mind.

But for me, having little things, clearing up my surroundings, clearing up our garden with broom, listening NHK radio(very simple one), opening windows and feeling cold air, hearing birds whistling through the windows. It's enough for me.
It's like old japanese style rooted of buddism and very close to my childfood life style.Recently I notice a goodness of such things.

And throughout these things, my mind and brain suddenly clears up. It's true for me. I had done these things unconciously before, but recently do it conciously. It brings me a sense of happiness, confortable state of mind.

October 1, 2017

Camp at makino

Last week, we went to makino camping site.
At first, we planed to go makino sunny beach camping site the day before a week but typhoon had come and we couldn't go, so this time, we chose this site.
This is our first time to do camping at there where we did skiing many times.

We planned to arrive there around lunch time but wife's father got injured and she had to take him to a hospital so we left our home about 4:30 p.m. and arrived there about 7:30 p.m.
At first, I prepared for barbecue then pitch a tent.

Next day, I waked up at 4:30 a.m. and weather was fine !

At this camping site, there are some area and most popular area is kougen free site where we stayed.
We can stay there anyplace inside this area and there were many camper.
It costs 4500yen ($40) per a tento and enjoy there until 12:00 a.m.
There are hot-spring and we took bath after closing our tento (we couldn't take a bath last night due to be late)

After taking bath, we walked around there.
It is very beautiful place and there is small river and we can enjoy walking along this river.