July 2, 2017

Canyoning tour at higashi-omi city, shiga

Last Sunday,we did canyoning at shiga.
At first, I didn't know the word "canyoning" when my wife told me if we would do canyoning. My wife's friend found this tour and we decided to do it with her family.

This tour is held at oku-eigenji, higashi-oumi city, shiga prefecture.
Oku-eigenji erea is very beautiful place. It is quiet, not crowded, surrounded by nature, I liked this place very much.

Our family arrived the meeting place about 7:50(below).

It started about 9 AM and we took wet suit, been lectured then started.

We stopped our car near river and started walking.

This tour was starting here and our camera is not water-resist so I put this camera at this point.

It is about 1.5 hour round trip tour and we walked and swim along this river and reached water-fall place. At water fall place, we had jumped from the top of big rock to the water (about 5 m fall) and went behind water fall. It was very intersting tour. It was an rainy season so it seemd a little much water but it was OK.

After doing canyoing, we ate lunch at road station.

After that, we took a public bath and relux.
There was another story. At canyoning tour, leech was sticked to my son's leg and there were still bleeding. As I checked by internet, we found that hill pour special liquid which stopped blood clotting when they bite, that's why he was still bleeding. I had not experienced hill's bite so I and my son was surprised but it was intersting memory for us.

I was very tired but fun !

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