May 21, 2017

Golden week holiday, day 1 (4 May)

This spring holiday ( golden week ), we triped to hokuriku region.
Our main destination is yuki-no-ootani and world heritage shirakawa-go.

At first day, I waked up at 3:30 am and we left home at 5:30 am.
It was in the middle of golden week but we can pass through highway smootly and arrived at kanazawa city, ishikiawa-pref. about 9:30 am.

Our first destination was kanazawa 21th art musium because my wife's friend whose husband is from fukui pref. said this musium is good for children because there are some intersting spot.
This musium is beautiful. It is designed by famous architect kazuyo senou.
This structure is very unique compared with ordinary, it is circle shape and there are circle walkstreet inside the musium and inside this walkstreet, there are several rooms existed where we can enjoy some exhibitions.
I like this musium.

After that we moved to kenroku-en (famous garden).

Then go to higashi chayamachi.

Then oumi-chou market place.

And walking around kata-machi.

Then we moved to our hotel conforthote komatsu.
We wanted to stay at toyama because we paned to go to yuki-no-otani and it is located at toyama-pref. but it was full. ( we reserved it about mid of March ! )
This hotel is free of charge for children of junior school so fee is for 2 adlut, that's why my wife selected this hotel.

And 1th day was over.

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