April 16, 2017

Takeda Castle

On April 2, we went to takeda castle.
Takeda castle is known as Japanese Machu Pikchu because it is located at the top of the mountain and sometimes coverd with cloud.

We first went to Osaka station and changed to highway bus to wadayama.

This is hankyu bus highway station.
The bus to wadayama started at 8:10 am, costs 3050 yen per an adult.

I was amazed because we can use wifi in this bus for free!

Arrived at wadayama station and changed to train.

This train's door is manually opened.
Arrived at takeda station around 11 am.

We can see takeda castle above this mountain.

We can climb the mountain but it is said very hard so we took bus.

Taking off the bus and walked.

About 15-20 min. walk, we finnaly arrived at the castle.
This castle is recently maintained so it is well reserved. I liked it very much.

We then went down the mountain by walk.

About 30 min walking, we finnally arrived at the botom. It was steep line.

This town is well reserved and clean. We can see caps in the rever.

Finally, we ate lunch at torafusu-ya.

After eating lunch, we walked around the town.

Takeda castle and this town is recommended to visit.

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