March 19, 2017

Good quality, very low prices

I likes things that are low prices, good quality. These days, there are many such things around us. It is very good.

For example, yesterday we went to newly opend shoes shop which was opend yesterday in limited period (until May). This shop is "shoes HIRAKI" famous for low prices. These shoes costs 1000 yen (10$) for each !
Before, these things are not good design and not good quality, but these days, they are not. I like both (my wife and son also bought so all are about 6000 yen.. )

I also bought MP3 player at amazon which is about 3500 yen and I like it very much.
(also last week, I bought 2G memory for the netbook which I'm now using and cost1500 yen)

I think net shopping like amazon promotes this trend, but in Japan there are 100 yen shop exists and it is also big impact.
100 yen shop matchs japanese mentality who likes cheap and sensible things very much.

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