January 1, 2017

Winter holiday at shizuoka

4 days has passed
since we ( I and my son ) came back to my hometown shizuoka (my wife had been working so she  came here today)

28,Dec. at Kyoto station.

Arrived at shizuoka station, my mother was waiting for my son.

Regular lunch at sho-an when we came back to my hometown. We loved shrimp-fried bowl.

From this shop. Mt fuji is very beautiful in winter-time.

Dinner at my parents house.

Fuku-ichi was crowded with people buying their new-year foods.
It is near our parents house.

3rd day(30, Dec) we went here to buy eggs "biou-ran". This egg tastes very good so my parents buy here when we come back.

This is riverbed of abe-river. There is heliport. We always came here because it's near home and we love this atmosphere.

My son and father were searching beautiful stone. I had done this when I was same age as my son. There are many memory around abe-river.

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