Home security system

Last week, we bought panasonic home-security system.

We didn't care about such things but recently our neibours had some troubles like their garbage bags been searched, finding some strange persons around there, and they bought security camera or took part in home-security services. So we decided to buy such system.

There are many such system in amazon.co.jp and we selected panasonic's one because it is very sophiscatedly designed system.

It costs about 20,000 yen including home-security hub and outdoor-type camera with sensing devices included, which are communicating using wifi(direct) and also connecting with our home's wifi rooter, so we can monitor camera sensing from inside or outside home. If it detected some strange person, it tells our smartphone ! Very amazing.

At first, I read some information which said that it required fixed IP address if we can accept alarm notices outside our home, so I thought that we can't use this function because we don't have fixed IP address, but we can get alarm notices outside our home(after reading detail information, it requires global IP address !)
It might be using private VPN pass but anyway amazing.

It is a little difficult for ordinary person to set up perfectly by oneself because some settings are not descibed in mannual but we are lucky that our neibour use same type so I can get answer for this troublesome. It is 2 points below,

- This camera always alarms when detecting somethings and it is noisy especially in night so we want to do it silent, but can't find this function.
(answer) sellecting camera mode and tap top-right function and we can select camera sound.

-If camera detects somethings, it notice to our smartphone but it didn't work.
(answer) sellecting monitor-mode and tap top-right function and we can select to which it notice alarm.Our neighbor tells us that it is described in video mannual in panasonic HP

So I think that it is better if such notices are written in paper manual.
Also reading comments about android apps of google play, there are some bad comments. Indeed around wifi connection issue needs some tecnique, but I think that this system is very well designed, I like it very much.


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