December 11, 2016

New desktop PC

We had been using HP desktop PC for 6 years and suddenly it broke down.
It was due to hard-drive's brokage and I tried to replace HD but it might be that motherboard of this PC was also broken according to the analysis of PC shop so I decided to buy new one.
We'are setting PC in our living room so compact one is better (HP's one was all-in-one type) so we decided to buy all-in-one type.
HP's internet-order type was cheapest 6 years ago but this time, lenovo PC is cheapest so we ordered it(ideacentre AIO 510S). It is 23 inch and pentium iCore5 model.

I was very surprised that it was deliverd 2 days after I ordered it! It was thin and stylish compared with our former one(HP) so we loved it very much.
Price are 85,000 yen (about $800), almost same as former one(HP) and very cheap compared with desktop pc saled at real shop.It was windows10 pre-instoled one so we could soon use it.

Surprising thing is that it only contain basic instruction of how to set up. It is like IKEA.Japanese model like NEC, Fujitsu,Toshiba contains many manual and additional software but this one does not. As far as reading review of this PC, it is world model(there are 15 posts for the PC, only 1 person is japanese).
It contains electrial manual inside PC and there are indeed lenovo app inside PC and we can check this PC also inquire some support to lenovo support desk. It is enough for me but it does not suit for people like my parent.

There are several dissatisfaction point (ex. there are 2 USB port and 1 port is used for wireless mouse! there is headphone plague back to the PC! etc ) but I like this stylish PC.

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