November 1, 2016

Hirakata T-site

Hirakata city is good place to live but there aren't many fashionable places.
On the north of hirakata, there are kuzuha town and there are kuzuha mall which is most fashinable place in hirakata.
But recently most fashinable place was opend. This is hirakata T-site.
T-site was built at where departmentstore was built. It is old-fashion store, so it was closed and this building was renewally opend.

This building was organized by Tsutaya,  so this is called "T"-site. Tsutaya is unique campany which deals with books, CD/DVD/blue-ray rental and many building is housing sturbucks coffee so atmosphere is very good. Recently this company produces unique bookshops and also handling SIM free smartphone.

This campany was first started at hirakata-city, that's why T-site was opend in such normal city. (T-site was located several city around Japan, maybe number of this shop is under 10)

This shop houses many shops like glossary shop, wear shop, etc and there are books located along these shops. Below is one example. And there are free chair in any places so we can enjoy shoping, drinking coffee(sturbucks, etc), reading books sitting on the chair. Maybe we can enjoy spending long times in this shop. 

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