November 26, 2016

Akashi city

We went to akashi city because my company's branch held a track meet.

The athletic field is located inside akashi park in front of akashi station.
After cheering, we walked around akashi city.

Akashi city is famous for akashi-yaki, which is a kind of tako-yaki.
We walked along the shopping street and there are several akashi-yaki shops.

We entered this shop because it shows that it is 550 yen($5) including 15 peaces of akashi-yaki for one person.
Akashi yaki is called tamago(=egg)-yaki. The surface of ako-yaki is solid but surface of akashi-yaki is soft, shaped like an egg (color is yellow like egg) so it might be called tamago-yaki, I guess.

It tasted very good.

This is famous akashi-yaki shop.

Over this shop, there are sea-shore and we walked aroud there.
It was fine day so we enjoyed walking around akashi-city. Akashi city is not big city but I liked this city.

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