September 3, 2016

Coleman XP Hexa Tarp /S

I bought Coleman XP Hexa Tarp/S.
I have Penta ? Tarp but it is a little small. So I searched more big one, and I found it.
As I happend to go to himaraya sports shop, I found it discounted so I bought it (\11,000 including tax).

One month before, I tried it but it is not beautifully constructed. So I watched this and tried again today.

There are several points.
 - First, spread the sheet also poles on the earth, with pole's legs spreading.
 - Second, connect ropes to the poles and the sheet. Ropes connecting with poles should be pegged on the earth.
 - Third, pull up poles and adjust pole leg's width, also adjusting rope's length.
 - Then put pole's legs a little inside, and line of the top of the tarp became beautiful.
 - And last, pegged other 4  ropes on the earth.

  The silhouette of this coleman's tarp is very beautiful. I liked it.

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