September 23, 2016

Camp at shiga

We went to camping on 10-11 Sep.
10th Sep was saturday so after finishing regular swiming lesson of my son, we left osaka about 4:30 PM, arrived mutu-yazaki camping site about 8 o'clock.

Making tento, eating box lunch, we went to regular hot-spring place "hotel kai-tourou", which is about 10 min. driving, then went back to camping site.

This night, there were terrible happing.
We placed a handy-type mosquito coil (katori-senkou) inside tento and this is a false-bottom type so I put 3 mosquito coil inside it.
After sleeping, we smell strange,waiking up and found smoke was very strong(almost burning) ! We were almost choked with mosquito coil's smoke.

So I seldom slept this night.(my son slept well)

Next morning, I set our new tarp.

I also bought new long chair (yellow one), it costed about 2000 yen !

This camping site is very cheap ( 1000 yen for each adult, 600 yen for each child, 1000 for one car so it take 3600 yen ). This is my favorite camp site.

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