September 25, 2016

Barbecue party

Today, we did barbecue with wife's parents living near our home.
Today's weather forcast were 60% rainy bit we were lucky that it didn't rain.

This time, I used this item I'd bought the other day. It helps burning charcoal easily like below so I tried.

Indeed, it is very easy to fire charcoal.
I bought it about 2000 yen and it is a foldaway one so it's very good.

There are some improvement points.

  • two barbeque is better. This time I used charcoal booster written above so if I brought second barbeque, I can use this for charcoal booster while cooking at another barbeque.
  • It's better to check if charcoal go to pieces before doing barbecue. Our charcoal I bought about 1 years before have went to pieces !
  • towel is neccesary. I sweated heavily today.
  • enough water is neccesary. we all were thirsty.

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