September 17, 2016

A waist cushion

When I came back to my hometown for a long time driving (about 5 hours), I had waist pain again. So I decided to buy waist cushion.

I bought two, one is for car driving and the other is for my working purpose. I could easily find good one for car driving at a car shop(Auto Backs), but I could hardly find good one for my workplace.

There are many types of waist cushions but many of them are for good style like straightening one's spine or like that. But there are little for medical type. Finally I can find such type of cushion so I decided to buy one.

This one is out of order in this shop so I ordered it. It cost about 3000 yen ($30) but it is very good. It contains small beads so it surrounds my waist. I like it.

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