September 25, 2016

Barbecue party

Today, we did barbecue with wife's parents living near our home.
Today's weather forcast were 60% rainy bit we were lucky that it didn't rain.

This time, I used this item I'd bought the other day. It helps burning charcoal easily like below so I tried.

Indeed, it is very easy to fire charcoal.
I bought it about 2000 yen and it is a foldaway one so it's very good.

There are some improvement points.

  • two barbeque is better. This time I used charcoal booster written above so if I brought second barbeque, I can use this for charcoal booster while cooking at another barbeque.
  • It's better to check if charcoal go to pieces before doing barbecue. Our charcoal I bought about 1 years before have went to pieces !
  • towel is neccesary. I sweated heavily today.
  • enough water is neccesary. we all were thirsty.

September 23, 2016

Repairment of air bed

Our air bed for camp was broken due to air leakage so I tried to fix it.

This is a small pin hole. This is too small so it takes about 1-2 hours to leak air.

Using mending tape which I bought it 100 yen. 

Camp at shiga

We went to camping on 10-11 Sep.
10th Sep was saturday so after finishing regular swiming lesson of my son, we left osaka about 4:30 PM, arrived mutu-yazaki camping site about 8 o'clock.

Making tento, eating box lunch, we went to regular hot-spring place "hotel kai-tourou", which is about 10 min. driving, then went back to camping site.

This night, there were terrible happing.
We placed a handy-type mosquito coil (katori-senkou) inside tento and this is a false-bottom type so I put 3 mosquito coil inside it.
After sleeping, we smell strange,waiking up and found smoke was very strong(almost burning) ! We were almost choked with mosquito coil's smoke.

So I seldom slept this night.(my son slept well)

September 17, 2016

A waist cushion

When I came back to my hometown for a long time driving (about 5 hours), I had waist pain again. So I decided to buy waist cushion.

I bought two, one is for car driving and the other is for my working purpose. I could easily find good one for car driving at a car shop(Auto Backs), but I could hardly find good one for my workplace.

There are many types of waist cushions but many of them are for good style like straightening one's spine or like that. But there are little for medical type. Finally I can find such type of cushion so I decided to buy one.

September 3, 2016

Coleman XP Hexa Tarp /S

I bought Coleman XP Hexa Tarp/S.
I have Penta ? Tarp but it is a little small. So I searched more big one, and I found it.
As I happend to go to himaraya sports shop, I found it discounted so I bought it (\11,000 including tax).

One month before, I tried it but it is not beautifully constructed. So I watched this and tried again today.

There are several points.
 - First, spread the sheet also poles on the earth, with pole's legs spreading.
 - Second, connect ropes to the poles and the sheet. Ropes connecting with poles should be pegged on the earth.
 - Third, pull up poles and adjust pole leg's width, also adjusting rope's length.
 - Then put pole's legs a little inside, and line of the top of the tarp became beautiful.
 - And last, pegged other 4  ropes on the earth.

  The silhouette of this coleman's tarp is very beautiful. I liked it.