August 28, 2016

A story behind brain research

I happened to find this article. I pushed this article to my kindle and read it. It's very intersting story.

H.M was a man who were unable to hold on to the present moment for more than 30 seconds or so.
I knew the name of H.M. but didn't know a story around him and researchers so it's very interesting story for me.
After reading this article, I saw another article in facebook. Two articles are related to a newly released  book. That's why I often find a story about H.M.

The author of this book Luke Dittrich and female researcher Suzanne Corkin are both related deeply to H.M., former is grandson of surgeon who operated brain surgery to H.M. and the latter was a resercher who researched H.M. for long period of time.
So it is why this book seemed to be very intersting.

This author's grandfather did brain operation to H.M. which performed on both sides of his brain and intended to treat Henry's epilepsy, renderd himm profoundly amnesiac.
I was very surprised that this operation was done in 1953.

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