July 24, 2016

Nest of long-legged wasp

We had an air-conditioner which seldom been used for about 10 years since we build our home, so we planned to move it to another room.
And yesterday, repairer of air-conditioner has come and checked it and find that there are nest of bee near the outdoor unit. So this movement work was cancelled due to danger.
( The repairer said that this air-conditioner is 10 years old so it is better not to move it because it'll often been broken down in 1 year for its removal so I decided to buy new one.)

I searched remover of nest via internet and find this company and called about 9 AM today and called back soon. And remover has come about 0:30 PM. 
Checking the nest, it is a nest of yellow long-legged wasp. They said that it is the second dangerous bee to hornet.
Basic price is \6800 but it need extra money(about \10,000 for their protection and their safety against bee, it depends on bee's type).
And furthermore, it needs extra money for speicial treatment which killed returing bee which is currently flying outside the fields. Because if they'll come to their nest and find that there are no more home, they become aggressive.(they said that it is called returing bee). So total fee is \30,300 (\32,700 including tax).

But this work is finished about 30 min. I can't do it by myself !

This is my first experience to remove nest of bee.
Recently we did our home's termite treatment, but there were no nest.
This remover said it is good timing because if it will be next week, nest will become bigger so it is dangerous for us and neighborhood people.
New total sum of new air conditioner and this treatment is about \100,000 but can't help for health and danger.

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