June 18, 2016

Keeping time for reading books

For me, keeping time for reading is very important.
Reading good books is very fatastic experience for me. It is like meeting very talent people.
We can talk to top level person directly through books, and I can talk to a person who are already died through books.
Recently, I always carry two type of books, one is traditional paper books and another is e-books. I'm a fan of amazon kindle.
Kindle is very good for me because it is light, easy to read because it contains dictionary so I can find meanings of unknown words immediately, and is restricted for reading books.
I commute about 1 hour 50 min. for one way and it is good time for reading.
To make use of separated short times in a dairy life is good for reading. I fully use of this time for reading.
And most important things is to choose good books. There are many garbage books around us but also there are very good books around us so getting informations about good books is very very important.

June 11, 2016

Global ??

Reading today's nikkei newspaper's advertisement of University, I'm surprised to find that almost all of them says we are seeking "globa". Everytime I see this word, I always feel that it is empty word. Are they want to show their foolishness using this word ?

As writing here, It does not matter for me. But I'm wondering that if many japanese university is like that, japan is over.
People want to study so they go, that's all I think. But many japanese people lose these most important thing. It is same in top university's student (of course all of them is not like that, but as far as my experience, many japanese people care about "ability of study". It's very sad. )

My opinion is that the right to study is a basic right for human beings, so it is nonsense to spend much money for studying.
From that point of view, Japan is good country because public university's fee is low compared with other western university. But japanese people tends to care about "name" or "brand". They care about other people. It is not good nature of japanese people.
If they like something, for example, science, math, etc, they only choose such university which also don't charge much money.

Furthermore, we can study anywhere anytime if we use IT. And there are good books in book shops or public library. So we can study untile we die..

Watching this advertisement, I'm thinking such things.

June 5, 2016


I knew her song when reading this blog in 2007.

I like her sorrowful song.
I don't know much about fad but music rooted on traditional sounds like fad is good.
I had gone to Portugal once, walking around Lisbon. I didn't go to music pub of fad but I remenbered the memory of Portugal in 1991. 

We always listen popular music and it sounds similar, Japanese songs, USA songs. Hearing such songs, I feel freshness and sometimes I was deeply moved.

June 4, 2016

Beautiful Mars

This week,  we can see Mars very closely so I and my son watched Mars.
From this picture, it is like dot. But as seeing from our naked eyes, it looked big,bright brown color.

I was very surprised to see this largeness of star. My son also liked this star.

I also used tablet app "Star map" to find Mars. It is very useful because we move my tablet towards stars and this app indicates a name of this star.
When I was a child, I used a real star map on a circuit plate. Ciuruiting map by date, time, I can find which stars was found in certain direction. Both is good tools for science lovers.