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3 days holiday

I'm spending this 3 days holidays(Sat. Sun. Vernal Equinox Day) in our home reluxly.
I wanted to go around but last Tuesday my son got influenza-B and my wife got same last Thursday.
 My son was recoverd and we played catch at near park but she is suffering flu plus otitis media so I'm doing cook and housework.

But I can tide up our home, doing what I wanted to do(setting of computer, tablet, buying vegetable garden's goods, etc so it is good holidays for me. Tiding up our surroundings is good because doing it also makes myself simple, calm down my heart.

Fear of uncontrolable body

About 1week, I heavily lost my health.

Last sundsy and monday, I had a fever (took 1 day absent of work) and recovered on tuesday morning, work 2 days(feeling strangeness of my digestive system from tuesday evening), then suddenly my body condition was deteriorated on thursday early morning, down from tuesday to sunday. Especially last 4 days was very hard experience because my body temperature was not decreased, couldn't move my body and had no desire to eat.

In my ordinary case, taking 1day rest turned out to be normal condition. But this case it didn't.
I checked 3 hospital, internal medicine, gastrolintestinal medicine, but couldn't find bad thing. ( it might be that it is virus type fever and was not infected with influenza, I checked twice, monday and suturday ! )

For last 1 month, I became sick 3 times after light exercise then recovered 1-2days rest and doctor said that virus wouldn't be died under body temperature 37.5C so it might be that they kept endured 1…