January 24, 2016

David bowie -Blackstar

I like david bowie so I was shocked of his news of deat. But after hearing the new, I watched this video and couldn't finish watching. It's awful, genius songs for recent some years.

It's full of death image and if I watched it before knowing his death news, I might have only been inpressed with strangeness of this music.

I can't describe this music in a proper words but it show me that there are many possibility for music left and feel thriling for a future of music.

January 16, 2016

Japanese sake (iso zhiman)

Recently I like japanese alchol(sake). Good tasted japanese sake tastes excellent with cold.
I like my hometown's sake "iso-zhiman" which is mean to be prouding seashore.
Before, sake at shizuoka is not famous but about decades ago, shizuoka yeast was invented and sake at shizuoka become to be famous aroud japan.

I bought it when I went back to shizuoka this winter. It costs 1300 yen(about $10).
The taste of it is like a wine.

January 9, 2016

New year's event

This winter holiday is short period because 29 Dec. was Tuesday and 3 Jan. was Sunday  and from 4 Jan. job was started so 6 days winter holiday.

we ate oden breakfast at hamamatsu SA, 500yen/person.

lunch at shouan is ordinary event.
price of sakyura shirimp ricebox was up.

watched STAR WARS at shizuoka.

his X'mas present at Osaka was baseball bat, glove, ball, so he bring back to shizuoka to play baseball with grandfather.

there is large space alongside of abe-river so we went there.

this is emergency helicopter harbor and we play there.

It is short time but enjoyed.

January 3, 2016


Winter holiday has been passing away and today was last day of 1 week holiday. And we went to hatsumode at Narita shrine near our home.

Going there is our routine work because we bought good luck charms and old charms was returned to the shrine and buy new charms. 

At first, we made an offering of money. There are many people coming there.

Throughing money to offertory box.

Afterthat, we walked to kourien station and there are many street stalls along street.

Tomorrow is first day of my job. Winter holiday has been over in a short time but enjoyed very much with my family.
Hoping this year happy !


Today is 2 Jan. and yesterday & today are new year's bargain days of UNIQLO so we went to UNIQLO.

This wear is ¥2980 which is ¥5980 at normal price. It is not feather type, polyester one but polyester strings are curled up and they can hold air so it can keep warm.

Recently, we can get good things in a cheap prices.And UNIQLO's quality is very well so I like. But we can get wear at ¥2980 in such good quality, amazing.