December 13, 2015

Using Chrome OS and doing cloud programing

I'm using linux OS (ubuntu) for about 6 years, and I happend to find Cloudready, which might be easy to install Chrome OS, so I tried it.

I've somehow installed it and it works good.
My netbook is not high performance model(CPU=N450) but it works smootly. Chrome OS is good way for old computer to be utilized.

Today, I'm using cloudready and I liked it. It is browser based OS. It only works with browser but like android phone, many add-ons(chrome browser app) are available so it is not big problem.
And I wanted to do android programing with Chrome OS so I searched and found good one. App Inventor.
App inventor is cloud-based programing tool and we can use it by installing chrome browser app to chronium browser. I happend to watch this BBC video last week saying kids can learn programing.
We can easily do programing in such a cheap computer, amazing.

---- appending: 2015.12.23 ------
At first I thought Chrome OS (Cloudready) is good, but using this OS , I change my opinion. It often hanged up. It might be due to chonium browser because in this case, it always waited response from site and I can't release browser or can't effect ctl+alt+del key.
Today, I restarted my computer 2 times for about 3 hours usage !

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