December 23, 2015

To erase anxiety

Sometimes, we feel anxiety at work. And that makes my brain tired.

For me, there are several ways to conquer.

  1. Sleep well: this is best way for me. When my brain was tired of many things, I slept and after waking up, in many case, my brain became simple
  2. Run: Sports is good way to refresh. When running, I can think of many situations and running makes my brain stimulated, so after running, my brain became refresh.
  3. knowing it not such a big issue .And for it, seeing things with wide rage of eyes can give me wisdom. 
Especially no.3 is way of thinking and is like a zen.
But my zen book which I liked said that 99% anxiety is "void" (I'm not sure it is collect word in english). It was made by themselves.
At first, I can't understand it by heart but recently I think it is true things.
And it also reduce my wasting time enormously because 99% of things are indeed "garbage" things. Thinking it is very important issue, I think..

Going back to the main topic,
Human brain is very unique organ so thinking anexiety with brain mechanism and way of thinking like zen might be a good way to fully understand human beings.

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