December 26, 2015

Role of school

Today, I read the article about secret of nada-highschool elite education system.
The article itself is intersting, but I feel a little strange for it.

I think education should be free for everybody, not special people.
If they want to learn somethings, education system support them.It is true education, I think.
Education should not be for a person who study hard. It should be equal to everyone if they want to becaome studying. 

And second reason I feel strange is that this article said that this school teach student to think rather than learn. Of course, it is good thing and is true, but personally I didn't like it. I didn't want school to force something to me.
In my highschool (shizuoka highschool), school is very liberal and allmost every student didn't expect school lecture. But most good thing is that there are many talented student gathering and that stimulate each other.

Recently, we can learn everywhere using internet + basic usage of English, so important  role of school is, as above article saying, 
to argue or think things, but most important role of school is to provide circumstance where talented student or unique students are gathered and stimulate each other.

December 23, 2015

To erase anxiety

Sometimes, we feel anxiety at work. And that makes my brain tired.

For me, there are several ways to conquer.

  1. Sleep well: this is best way for me. When my brain was tired of many things, I slept and after waking up, in many case, my brain became simple
  2. Run: Sports is good way to refresh. When running, I can think of many situations and running makes my brain stimulated, so after running, my brain became refresh.
  3. knowing it not such a big issue .And for it, seeing things with wide rage of eyes can give me wisdom. 
Especially no.3 is way of thinking and is like a zen.
But my zen book which I liked said that 99% anxiety is "void" (I'm not sure it is collect word in english). It was made by themselves.
At first, I can't understand it by heart but recently I think it is true things.
And it also reduce my wasting time enormously because 99% of things are indeed "garbage" things. Thinking it is very important issue, I think..

Going back to the main topic,
Human brain is very unique organ so thinking anexiety with brain mechanism and way of thinking like zen might be a good way to fully understand human beings.