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Handling informations

Recently due to a progress of IT, we can easily gather and handle many informations at any time any place if they have a curiisity. My method is like this.
1. Getting informations, reading informations
  I use RSS reader(Feedly) and mail magazine and those are good way to get informations efficiently, but most good method for me is by newspaper (real newspaper).  Newspaper is coverd with wide range of information so for me is the best resource. I always get up at early about 4:30 AM and have a coffee and read newspaper about 30 min. This is a best time for me. And after reading it and find some intersting articles, I take a picture by tablet and send it to my google drive. Before IT is not convinient like this, I scrap these by folders but storing in cloud is very convinient because I can aceess my own resources at any place at any time. And my most important information resources is books. I like books very very much from children. I spend about 2 or 3 times a week  at book shops whe…

Sports is good for health, especially for brain

I'm interested in relationship between stress and brain function.
Mechanism of brain is very intersting because brain is very accurate organism. When we feel about fear, stress, brain alart to amygdala in brain, then amygdala make signal to hypothalamus then hypothalamus makes singnal to hypophysis ,then hypophysis make signal to adrenal gland then adrenal gland release cortisol which is stress hormone.This route is called "HPA" . Cortisol is circuited via blood around our body then affected many organ including brain.
Cortisol is good when emargence situation was happend, but when we continuously feel stress alltime, cortisol level is always high and it is bad for brain, especially for hippocampus which is important for memory.
My favorite book "Method of usage of waking up early" said that 3 important issue for health is "sleep 7 hours", "good food" and "good exercise". The author kisou kubota has jogging 3 days per week since …


My workplace has changed to kobe in July so we went to kobe for sightseeing there.
This is around minatogawa-park underground station.
minatogawa park.
We ate lunch there.

After lunch, we walked around JR kobe station.

There held basketball game.

And walked around..

Motomachi shopping street.

It is famous shop "roushouki" and we ate butaman.

We walked around chinise town.