October 31, 2015

Soroban school

Recently, my son went to soroban school near our house (2min. By walk from our house )
This school is held in private house so it dose not seem like "school". Soroban is very good custom in Japan, I think, because they use fingures very rapidly so it stimulate brain. Soroban specialist can calculate adding, multiplication without soroban. It is amazing !

He likes soroban school because he can play outside with their friends after finising soroban school !

October 4, 2015

Mini 4WD

When we went to shizuoka, we went to sumpu takumi-juku and took part in plastic model making course. My son made dangan-racer which is one of mini 4WD series and enjoyed very much.
Dangan-racer is small plastic-model toy car, running very fast. But it needed special circuit couse so if we want to run this car, we have to find hobby shop which has special circuit couse, so we went to hobby shop(hobby zone) where it has special circuit couse. on 6 Sep.

There were special course but too small and it is for mini 4WD.
In this shop, there are many mini 4WD plastic model exhibited and they are about 1000yen included motor, not so expensive, so we want to buy it.
This shop plans to do racing event this month, that's one reason we bought mini 4WD.

Then we went to mini 4WD tournament.
There were much people.

Many people had their special tools !

We participated in junior school tournament.
Race was done with 3 times round and one round included jumping run.
My son's car was crached at this point so he lost first contest.
But it was fun time.