September 23, 2015

Camp at north of Kyoto (21 Sep.)

Second day, I got up at 5 am and it was cool, not cold but a little cold morning.
I boilded water for coffee and morning soup.

After eating breakfast and pulled down a tent, we walked around there.

We climbed up to the hill for big stone called "asobi ishi", but after walking up about 20 min., we found big honey comb in front of the stone !

After enjoying walking, we left there and drove around tango peninsula.
First, we went to kumihama, beautiful small village.

Then drove through Route 178 to north-east, then south.

We reached to ine where many houses were in front of the sea.
These houses have ship garages inside houses.

Then final distination,amano-hashidate. At first, I planed to go to maizuru but when we arrived there, it was 3:40 pm, so changed plan.

Amano-hashidate was large so there are 2 spot, north and south, and both have ropeway. We walked around north erea and it was very beutiful, lots of pine tree and pathway of bicycles and sandy beach. I liked it very much.

And 2 day trip was over.
Tango peninsula was very attractive places like ise-shima or makino(shiga-pref.), calm sea, not so crowded like Kyoto, reserved nature and good highway (highway fee is about 2000 yen one way and about 3 hours from hirakata-city by car) so maybe we'll go there in near future.

Camp at north of Kyoto (20 Sep)

Sep. 19-23 is 5 days holiday (called silver week), so I planed to make an overnight trip to somewhere near here.
There were several plan, going to dinosaur museum at fukui, or driving to amano-hashidate through newly constructed kyoto-highway, staying hotel or camping.
But when we checked hotel or camping erea, allmost all of them were already reserved.

But at 19, I happend to find small camping park (okuyama nature exploration park at tango peninsula) so we suddenly prepared trip and left home at 8:40 AM, sunday 20.

Kyoto hightway was opend 2 month before so I was wondering heavy traffic, but traffic was smooth from yamazaki IC to terminal yosa amano-hashidate IC, so we reached caming park at noon (11:50).

There are 2 type of camping erea, both of them were 1500 yen - 2000 yen per overnight, all person(very cheap), and there were no other people so we selected flat type site near river.

After making a tent, we ate lunch.

Afterthat, we drove to kinosai hotspring, which was abou 40 min by car.

After parking, we walked around.

There were ropeway so we rided it.

Then walked..

After leaving there, we went to "tantan hotspa" near camping park.
Kinosaki hotspring was very good but crowded and a little expensive (1200 yen per person, enjoying several hotspa), so we went tantan hotspa (400 yen with JAF card discount).
And first day was finished.