June 15, 2015

Recent glasses

Recently, we saw many low-price glasses companies in Japan. JINS was maybe established first in this field, and Zoff, Owndays was followed, as far as I know.
My eye is very weak so I need high refractive glasses. Only Owndays doesn't need extra money so I selected Owndays.

I bought 5980 yen(tax included 6400 yen)  plan with 1.67 refractive index and I could also select 1.71 one but I choosed 1.67 one. 
My old glasses which I bought about 5 years ago was about over 20000 yen so it is very cheap !  We can buy good things with cheap prices !

June 1, 2015

Kumano Trip, 5 May

Last day, after eating breakfast, we went to kusumoto sushi located near the hotel to buy sanma sushi box. But arriving this shop, we found that sanma sushi is sold for pre-orderd customers and they said we can buy their merchandise at supermarket so we went to o-kuwa to buy it.

We could buy sanma-sushi at o-kuwa.

We left the hotel at 10 AM.

In front of the hotel, we found beautiful sea shore.

There are so many sea urchins.

After that, we went to shiono-misaki which is a location located southest at honsyu-island.

At shiono-misaki, there are rockey sea shore so we challenged to go there.
There were pathway to there.

After that, we went to shiono-misaki light station.

We can climb it !

And the 3 days holiday was over and we left there at 3 PM and via wakayama-city to eat dinner 7 PM, we arrived our home at 11 PM.
Very intersting holiday !