May 1, 2015

Uzumasa cinema village

We went to uzumasa eiga park at 29 April. This day was a national holiday of birthday of syowa emperor and sky is blue and this is best season for go around.
We left our home at 11 AM and take keihan-train, changed at shijou-kawara machi station and took a bus then arrived there at 12:30.

 near there, kouryuji temple

this is entrance of cinema village

We had a boucher ticket so it took 3500 yen per 3 person including one child.

This park is very intersting, especially for children. Because there are many amusement spaces, for example, maze, ninja park, etc. We met with my wife's friend's family and their child is almost same age as our child so they run around over and enjoyed very very much.

And it is intersting places for adults because there are old japanese town around edo era and there are exhibition took place. We watched samurai show at open set and intersting! We are tired except children but enjoyed!

 samurai show

Near there, there are ara-den which is a train running at normal road, but this time, we used bus because ara-den starts from shijou-omiya, which is a littile far from shijo-kawaramachi next to keihan-railway.
Kyoto's bus is a little complicated but very convinient because we can go directly from shijo or sanjo keihan to there. But there are many bus route and several bus companies so it is a little for beginner to find which route and bus-station we select.
But cost is not so expensive (230 yen) so I recomend them.

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