May 31, 2015

Kumano Trip, 4 May

Second day, we went to akagi castle. This castle is said to be built at at 1588- AD by fujidou takatora.

 Then we moved to maruyama senmai-da.
It consit of 1300 water-filled paddy fields and scale is said to be one of largest in Japan.
When we arrived there, there are only one person so we can enjoy very beautiful scenery.



Afterthat, we left hotel and went to kumano hongu taisya. It took about 50 min.

Then moved to kumano hayamizu taisya. 

Then lunch time at shingu near hayamizu-taisya. 

Then last destination was kumano nachi taisya.

We can see nachi fall over there. 

And moved to kushimoto where we stayed that day.
Near kushimoto, we drop in hashigui iwa where there are many strange stones in sea. 
We planed to buy sanma(saury)-sushi at supermarket, but was sold out.
So we bought box lunches and reached at kushimoto royal hote.

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