April 30, 2015

Japanese radish, etc

Last years autumn, I sowed this field with japanese radish, chinese cabbages and komatsuna. But it was a little late to sow (nearly winter time) so they grew slowly and spring has come and flowers bloom !!

I first see japanese radish's flower. Suddenly stem of them grew taller and flowered with yellow tiny flower. Maybe they are all relatives so their flowers are very similar.

April 3, 2015

Global University, Local University ?? nonsense

 Recently, I often see a title "G-university, L-university" in newspapers. But it seems very strange to me.
At first, concept is very strange to me. My opinion is that I want to go to university that seems intersting. So goverment's definition is none of business.
And second is that attitude for education.
Every people has a right to study, so competition of test is nonsense to me. Test is one of a tool to know about their understanding are.

So thinking such things, I find omae's article and I feel relief..