February 4, 2015

For what studying ? part2

When I see articles or advertises that say they get high test score or pass XX university and they show some method of studying.
I think that they are crazy. (my most unbelievable ad of cramming school showing at train enterance-gate says "why I pass XX university".Don't they feel shamed of their crazyness ?)
Maybe many of japanese are tought like this since they are young, so they are natural feeling.
But so what ? Do they want to show that they are mechanically high ability people ?
And thinking such things, I always go to some thinking that is questioned for  that " for what I live" and it is most important issue from childhood. And for this question, I always answer for me that it is for curiosity.
 And as I write down this, I remember writing same thing, but continue.
I like science, especially math and physics and electronics and reading books, so I read many such books and eager to study such field, so for me score means nothing.
If they like such field and eager to study, they know much and naturally their score is high. For me, I always read advanced books in class because highschool's math class is boaring. And I dislike study for exam so I'm not so good at periodical test at school (not so bad at open exam ).
But for me, it is not important things. I wanted to have much time for study, wanted to study less for exam. 
I thinkg that study for enterance some academic environment like school must be limited because they want to study something at such environment and enterancing this school is not purpose.(maybe I am not opposed to many ordinary japanese)
And it is not changed now since then.
I strongly think when I travel around the world when I was at graduated school and I met many people around the world and talking many things, and it formed my basical values of life when I was at early 20's. So I want my son to experience such things.
Maybe there are limited time left for every human, so thinking for what things they spend time is very important issue, especially for me.
 I'm near 50 years old so recently I strongly think such things.