January 24, 2015

Using old windows apps on linux

Wine is famous tool for using windows app on linux. But before using it, it was not useful for me because there were many restriction ( I forgot the detail ) and stopped using it.

And recently, I happend to use it and it evolved splendedly.

- it can handle various windows version, exp. XP, ME, 98, 95 etc
- each app can select each os version, so if I can only click A app working on windows XP or B app working on windows 98 with no attention. Very useful !
- it work very smootly. I remember old wine is heavy so motion of app is very slow, but current wine can handle apps very smootly. My netbook is Intel Atom 450, memory 1G, ubuntu 14.01LTS but run very smootly.

Now I am using microsoft encarta 98 which can't work on XP environment, but is work very smootly. It's fantastic thing !

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