February 26, 2014

About English, TOEIC test

At our branch, we are scheduled to take a toeic test from tomorrow, so I'll take toeic tomorrow.

Recently, many company and school are using toeic test and japanese people likes toeic test very much.
I think toec test itself is not bad because we can get english skill efficiently throught such test studying. But for me, score itself is meaningless because Englisht is just a tool.
English itself is not a purpose.

I think English is just a tool so if we learn a basic skill at junior highschool and high school for 6 years, that's enough. And afterthat, just use it.
The reason why I think such things is that when I was a graduated student and in my twenties, I often travelled abroad by myself and thought english was just an tool, so studying for test score at school is meaningless ( of course, for people who want to say I have such title or score might be important..)

So my basic thought is that studying for toeic test is waste of time, but styding english or other language might be intersting and fun,not for score.
(studying english from elementary school is good thing and it is normal things when we see around the world..)

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