January 13, 2014

3days holiday has gone in a flash ..

3days holiday has gone rapidly !
Yesterday, there held "donto festival" (I'm not sure the meaning) in our town and I and my son went there.
I found this event at our town's board, saying there are rice cake making and free "ozenzai" so we went this event place held at elementary school.

there are long procession for "ozenzai"


Afterthat, bonfire was held. This gathering are wood, bamboo, and writing of elementary school's students which they pledge to do this year.

After this event, we went to Osaka city science museum.
(we and wife took train and she went to shopping and I and my son went to the museum)

I wanted to go there because when I was a child like my son, I often went to the museum for children at Shizuoka city and I loved it very much because there were many scientific things there and I belonged to some scientific club where I made electric radio and such things and it was very good memory for me.

There were "science show" at every hour and we watched two show. It was very good event and my son was very excited so when we came back to home, we watched this show by YouTube.
I liked this museum.