October 13, 2013

shisendou, kyoto

We went to shisendou, kyoto at 29 Sep.

We started from hirakata by car at about 11:40 and arrived ichijo-ji about 1:20.
At first, we ate lunch at "takayasu", famous noodle shop which my wife found by internet.
It was 1:30 but the shop was crowded so we waited about 20 min (including waiting for parking lot of this shop).

This shop's interior was very unique considering noodle shop.

It got best noodle award.

The volume was big so our total cost was about 1600 yen, cheap and delicious.

After eating, there were waiting peoples.

Then parked our car (we found cheap parking lot 700 yen per day) and started walking to shisendou temple.

This was a enterance of shisendou, cost 500 yen per adult.

Picture was inhibited inside this house but we could take pictures outside this house.

There are "hachidai shrine" next to shisen-dou.

At this shrine, movie might be taken

There are ichijo-ji fudousan.

This is a monument where musashi miyamoto (famous samurai) was fighting.

Around ichijo-ji station, it was good atmosphere and we went to keibunsha book store.

Around ichijo-ji station, there are good temples so it takes a few days to watch them !